Hello, I'm Tomi, a freelance logo and brand identity designer.
Your new brand identity designer

Offering logo design and brand identity design services to personal endeavours, businesses and entrepreneurs from around the globe just like you, working with them to take their business identity to the next level!
Ready to know more about what you need for any type of branding projects that might include:
Brand Identity
1. Logo design (icon + wordmark)
2. Color palette (primary, secondary, accent colors)
3. Brand pattern and iconography
4. Typography (primary, secondary use)
Brand Identity Guidelines
1. Brand Guidelines
2. Voice and tone overview
3. Copy and messaging examples
Brand Identity Materials
1. Social Media Kit
2. Stationery Design Kit
3. Poster Design
4. Brochure Design
5. Label Design
6. Package Design
Hired and trusted by:​​​​​​​
Design Background
Started playing with shapes and colours since a young age on traditional materials also doing graffiti; while doing photography of nature and people i got to use Adobe Photoshop and started learning what i could create in the software, besides manipulating photos i transitioned from sketches towards custom typography and logo design creation.
Later discovered the Adobe Creative Cloud software package and starte using Adobe Illustrator, learning to do pixel perfect artwork logos and practicing to get better and better artwork and compositions towards doing logo design projects from scratch for clients just like you.
Used my self-thought skills on different freelancing websites and had my first results fast, getting to develop creative ideas for a few clients that were happy with the results and being recommended by word of mouth to other clients.
In 2015 on March 13 i founded a Logo Design Studio named Creatiki, which started as a cool idea to gather friends that are also professionals in the creative industry, to create a full stack of digital services but eventually we didn't have the success we expected on short term and were being forced to take on different paths.
Long story short, going forward, with 10+ years of creative experience working with small and large businesses on logo design, full branding or rebranding identity projects to this day being a freelance Creative Logo Design and Brand Identity Designer also offering design consulting services!
"Passion driven Creativity to Evolve your Vision into Quality artwork!"
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