I'm your Logo and Brand Designer
Logo design and brand identity designs services that pass the time test!

Brand & Rebranding
1. Logo design (icon + wordmark)
2. Color palette (primary, secondary, accent colors)
3. Brand pattern and iconography
4. Typography (primary, secondary use, variations)

Brand naming and identity
1. Brand position
2. Voice and tone overview
3. Copy and messaging examples
4. Brandbook

Branding materials
1. Digital design (social media)
2. Print design (packaging design, stationery)
3. Environmental design and branding
4. Visual Identity
Hired and trusted by:​​​​​​​

Freelancer graphic designer, specialised in logo and visual brand designs, based in both Bucharest and Iasi, Romania!
I am a family man, father of  1 boy and 6 cats (2 girls and 4 boys), loving animals, travel and nature. Space and tech enthusiast and fantasy lover.
Started since a young age from playing with colours and shapes as a kid, to sketching and painting graffiti art to learning and using Adobe Creative Cloud's Photoshop and Illustrator software back in 2008 when i started to work on my first projects of logo design and different graphic design artwork projects.
Now 10+ years later, experienced on creative digital design and branding, working with businesses on Logo Design and Brand Identity Designs as a freelancer but also as a hired digital and brand designer, start-ups but also established businesses.
I take pride in creating every design from scratch, starting with a paper and pen and from the client ideas and story, each unique in its own way, that will develop in amazing artwork and materials that pass the time test!
"Passion driven Creativity to Evolve your Vision into Quality artwork!"
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